Criminal Defense

Being accused of any crime is among the most helpless feelings of all.

With your freedom and livelihood on the line, choose us to be your voice.

No matter what people think, the court of public opinion has no basis in the court of law. We’ll fight for your rights and freedoms as if it were us facing those charges.

Let’s be perfectly honest. Sometimes good people make poor choices. When this happens, let us help you minimize the damage that a conviction could have on your family’s life. This may require a trial or a negotiated plea that allows you the opportunity to prove that it was just a mistake. Everyone deserves a second chance and sometimes a third or fourth…

When it comes to being accused of any crime, it is vital to be proactive. You need to know your rights and you need to act quickly to organize your defense to ensure your rights are protected. Call us to discuss your case immediately, and remember, you have the right to remain silent. Please exercise this right and talk to an attorney before making any statement.

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