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in Social Security Disability backpay benefits.

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By letting us be your voice, whether inside or outside the courtroom, our approach to your needs will always be the same.

We will be your voice when you have suffered a significant personal injury impacting your health, well-being and your financial standing. We will be your voice when a family member or friend has suffered a wrongful death.

We will be your voice during your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits, or during the appeal process if you have been denied benefits you deserve.

We will be your voice during domestic issues that involve divorce, custody, visitation, support, property disputes, restraining orders, adoption, or guardianship proceedings to ensure your rights are protected. We focus our practice on protecting a man’s right to be involved as a father.

We will be your voice if you have been accused of a crime or if you have made a mistake in life and you need a second chance.

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With decades of experience, the numbers speak for themselves: We deliver results for our clients. Period. We have a passion for helping clients get through the most troubling times of their lives. No matter where you are, the size of your house, the car you drive, the community you live in, we’re dedicated to seeing your case through.

The firm comprises of an attorney and legal experts that go the extra mile in investigating your case, assisting you in acquiring and preparing the required documentation for your case, and aggressively pursuing all legal measures within the court of law in getting you the compensation you deserve. Below are the results we’ve delivered for clients throughout our firm’s history. CALL US and we can deliver for you too.

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Jay Scholtens

Jay has been practicing law since 1997.

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